Real Estate

The Real Estate Group (REG) employs a disciplined investment approach to sustainable housing design and development throughout North American and Europe. 
REG specializes in the renovation and management of historic buildings.  Our Interior Design Division oversees custom residential renovations for our clients, as warranted.  

REG currently supports clients in the following areas:

  • Interior Design/Space Planning
  • Business Analysis
  • Sustainable Development
  • Land Design and Planning
  • Property Management
  • Construction & Subcontractor Management
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Government Approval
  • Risk Management Acquisition
  • Residential Sale

We take our stewardship of land very seriously.  Whenever possible, we use environmentally friendly materials and low impact construction techniques.

Interior Design Group 
Our Interior Design Group specializes in Interior Design and Outdoor Space Planning.  We create calm, unique spaces with designs that are both timeless and graceful.  Our goal is to give our clients a home that showcases who they are and how they want to live.  We work with sources throughout North America Europe to collect unique furniture and accessories for each client.

Recent projects have included full service interior design, a garden dining room, target room decorating, kitchen/bath renovations and wing addition staging.